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  1. Hay mrs. Wilson,
    I just was going over the study guide with my mom and we need to know the 4 ways to classafiy a rock!!!!

    Ps i love your web!!!!

  2. Tori,

    You can find this information on the word map we did in class last week. Remember, the main way we classify rocks is by their origin (how they form). That’s what we looked at in the lab yesterday. We also classify rocks by color, texture, and mineral composition.

  3. hi mrs wilson.I’m Joon from your 6th grade student in lanier middle school.

  4. Hey, Joon! I hope you are having a great year in 7th grade.

  5. yeah thank you. well have a great time

  6. hi mrs. wison i just i wanted to know how long i will be able to finish the benchmark on tuesday.will i have the whole class period or just like 20 min.! :}

  7. Shelby, you can have as long as you need to finish. Please don’t worry about it, and enjoy your weekend!

  8. hi mrs. wilson i think my mom already e-mailed you but i couldn’t find my flip book on plate tectonics and how can i bring up my grade?!!

  9. Shelby,

    You can start the flip book over. Look on the entry for November 3rd. It has the instructions for how to complete the flip book.

  10. thank you!

  11. Hey Mrs.wilson,
    For the test tomorrow is there any vocabualry ib the test???
    I was just wondering. Me and my mom just went over the sudy guide and I am well prepared for the test.
    ~Amanda :-p

  12. umm..when are we going 2 have our science test or quiz?

  13. hey mrs wilson how are you i am good

  14. hello i am doing my project

  15. Good job, Brandon!

  16. i am done with my science project,what do i do now?

  17. umm i spelt agent wrong…i am soz

  18. mrs wilson i finish the earthquakes and volcanoes notes can i move to the final project

  19. Yes you can. Make sure that you can save it and bring it to school on Monday.

  20. hello!

  21. i am board….i have nothing to do….

  22. hello mrs.wilson:)i miss you so much.. your still my favorite teacher:)

  23. ello…i am almost finished with my project!w00t!i am so excited!i am at school!


  25. yes….i don’t have the blue screen of death anymore!i fixed it!i am so happy!

  26. hey mrs.wilsons this week i changed my video cards and power supplie and i added 8gb ram into my computher!i am so happy!

  27. Hey Mrs Wilson! Wats up! When r we going to take the science test? If we are taking it this week when are we going to get the study guide because I really have to get a good grade on this test. C u monday!!



  28. heyyyy mrs.wilson can u guess who this is
    im an awesome thunker and i owned and made up this word
    so how are u doing i saw u did that sedimentary rock thingy that was eatible did they enjoy it also for the yearbook club did u go through all of them yet or ummm well idk waht im talkin about
    so by and plz say hi to all of the other teachers for me
    thnx-awesome thunker

  29. hiiiii

  30. hello

  31. hi mrs.wilson will we need to know the definition of the agents of mechanical and checimal weathering 4 the test.

  32. :)

  33. sorry its kind of late but do you think i can come in thursday to study for the benchmark

  34. Absolutely, Jack.

  35. hi…i was just wondering is our ouiz goin to be mutuiple (sp.wrong sorry!)choice………:)

  36. hi..sorry but what time do i come in tomarrow….for the review session

  37. Anytime between 8:30 and 8:45 a.m.

  38. hello mrs.wilson i was wondering how do you do the papers in miscrosoft word that you can fold in half to make a book. I am tryin to do that for social studies can you tell me plz. Btw…its the ones that are like our notes like the Chapter 16 notes we got.

  39. Is it in page layout or do you use another software?

  40. Bradon, here is how I set up my document. It’s pretty easy – you just have to put the pages out of order:


  41. thank you Mrs.wilson!

  42. hmmm.. for some reason it wont work for me i tried it your way.

  43. do i use landscape or portait?

  44. Yes! thank you mrs. wilson it did work i did it! I know how to do it now

  45. hey mrs. wilson,
    i just thought that your chat room was a little quiet for idk the last couple months. i still wish u were going to north.:(
    miss u!

  46. oh yeah, how do u get onto that link for the constellations and super novas. it was amicrosoft link.

  47. ahh!?!?!i am going to greater atlanta christain school next year!

  48. hello!!!!mrs.wilson u got to wacth these videos on youtube heres the link!!


    i think you should wacth all of them.i learned alot of stuff teachers dont teach you in school!