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Natural Resources Performance Based Assessment Assignment

You must complete one assignment from category A and the assessment in category B. Your test grade for the natural resources unit will be a combined score of the two categories. You may choose which assignment you would like to complete in each section. You only need to complete one assignment per category. You will not receive extra credit for completing work more than one assignment per category. All assignments are due at the end of class on Tuesday, October 6.

You will save all of your work to your personal H drive. You will not print out your work unless instructed to do so. Mrs. Wilson will be grading your electronic work in order to save paper and trees (they are a natural resource after all!). When you are ready to turn in your work, you will copy and paste it into Mrs. Wilson’s inbox.

You can find the folder to paste your work into under the following path: S:\Student Work\JanelleHarrier-Wilson\InBox.

When you save your work, you should use the following naming convention: Lastname_Firstname_ClassPeriod_Assignment. Here is an example for student John Smith in first period who completed choice 1 from category A: Smith_John_01_A1. Please ask Mrs. Wilson if you have trouble following these directions.

 Category A – Specialize in One Form of Renewable Energy – 75 Points

General Instructions: Choose one form of renewable energy that you would like to research. You will be using your textbook and internet resources in order to put together a final project on why you think that form of energy should be used to generate power for society. You must have at least three internet sources (Google is not a source – it is a search engine; use it to find sources) listed as part of your bibliography (works cited). You may choose from the following forms of energy to complete this project: solar, wind, tidal, geothermal, biomass, nuclear, and hydroelectric.

You must include the following information for the project that you choose:

  1. Explain your energy source: where does it come from, definition, etc. 20 points
  2. Explain how we gather the type of energy.                                                       20 points
  3. Predict where in the world the type of energy can best be used.                                     5 points
  4. Give examples of the environmental impact associated with this energy source.       5 points
  5. Predict the availability of this energy source in the future.                                                    5 points
  6. Provide at least 3 internet sources where you gathered your information.                    10 points
  7. Provide reasons why we are not using this resource right now to generate all of our electricity.  10 points

 Choice 1:              PowerPoint Presentation

Your parents have asked you to create a PowerPoint presentation to teach your younger sibling about the form of energy that you chose. Make sure you have at least 7 slides in your presentation.

Choice 2:              Energy Song

You work for a theme park developing songs to be played during the rides. (Obviously, you work at an educational theme park.) The park is designing a new ride that will teach about energy resources, and they have asked you to write one of the songs. Make sure your song has at least 3 verses and a chorus. (You are the lyricist (word writer) not the composer (music writer), so you do not have to provide music. However, you can set your song to a school appropriate tune everyone already knows.

Choice 3:              Children’s Cartoon Show

You have been hired to make an educational cartoon for children in 5th grade about the energy form of your choice. Explain what your program will be about. You can provide a script and list of characters or you can submit it in storyboard form. Make sure your program would run for at least three minutes.

 Choice 4:             Essay

You are an important writer for a scientific magazine. Your editor has asked you to write an article for the next issue of the magazine.  Make sure your article is an interesting read for your magazine subscribers and includes all of the required information. Make sure you have at least three paragraphs in your article.

Category B – What have I learned about energy resources? – 25 points

Complete natural resources assessment found here. You may use your notes for this.

Category C – What is my carbon footprint? – 10 Bonus Points

As we continue to burn fossil fuels to maintain our lifestyles, we are impacting our environment every day. Take the quiz located at this site: to find out how many Earths it would take to sustain your lifestyle if everyone on the planet lived just like you. Fill out the form found here to record your results.

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