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I enjoyed this year with you all. I hope you had a great time, too. Thanks for all the memories, and have a great summer!

Let’s review! Here is what you need to know for your interim exam this week. Remember, it is 60 57 questions, all multiple choice. First and second period will take their exams on Thursday and sixth and seventh period will take their exam on Friday. We will have block schedule both days.

What to know:

Quarter 03 Syllabus

Quarter 04 Syllabus

Review Games:


Air Masses and Fronts

Weather and Hydrology

Sun-Earth-Moon System

Solar System

First period finished graphing their biome data. We will continue working on this unit tomorrow and see what can live in each of the our four biomes.

In second, sixth and seventh periods we continue to work on our shoe box planetarium. If you still do not have a shoe box, please get one by tomorrow. You can’t count on someone else bring in a box you can use. We should be wrapping up this project on Thursday, so please have your box so you can complete it.

Tomorrow, second and seventh periods will be going to the computer lab to work on their research for the project. Due to the change in schedule for round up tomorrow, we will not be able to go to the lab with sixth period. If you are in sixth period and need to do additional research, make plans to work on it during homeroom.

Homework: None – unless you have missing work!

We continued our preview of 7th grade today be looking at biomes 2-4 and making observations, inferences, and predictions. We will continue this unit tomorrow by gathering precipitation and temperature averages for each month of the year.

Homework: None

Today we finished up our rockets. We then went outside to see how far we could launch them. We also got a special treat when Quinn for Ms. Bennett’s class launched a real model rocket. Finally, we finished up our lab reports and turned them in.

Look at our cool rockets!

Keith launches his rocket...

...and it soars high into the air!

  1. Passed out rocket making supplies.
  2. Created rocket fins from foam meat trays.
  3. Created rocket propulsion system using rubber band and hex nut.
  4. Used zip tie to keep propulsion system in cone of rocket.
  5. Affixed fins to rocket body.
  6. Decorated rockets.

Tomorrow we will finish assembly for those of you who did not get to it today. We will also launch our rockets and complete our experiments.

Homework: None

  1. Warm Up – brainstorm with your group why eating would be difficult in space.
  2. Discussed eating and space.
  3. Eat Like an Astronaut Lab

All classes have a test tomorrow. First period, be sure to study what we talked about in class. All other classes, here is a link to the answers to your study guide.

First period test is 33 multiple choice and 2 short answer.

All other classes, test is as follows:

•5 multiple choice (history of astronomy)

•5 true/false (day, night, and seasons)

•5 fill in the blank (seasons, day, years, eclipses)

•5 short answer (seasons, days, and astro history)

•5 matching (moon phases)

•5 diagrams –Label moon phases –Draw solar eclipse –Draw lunar eclipse –Draw seasons

•5 Bonus Questions

  1. Warm up: What are ways the sun is like a factory? Graphic Organizer
  2. Shared warm up.
  3. Watched video about the sun and took notes about the core, photosphere, chromosphere and corona.
  4. Wrote our own analogies.
  5. Wrote a direct analogy about a part of the sun and your personality.

Homework: Solar System Test study guide due on Thursday Solar System Test Study Guide

We did the 1,000 – yard solar system today and got a really good idea of how big the solar system really is and how small the planets are compared to the sun. As we visited each planet, we wrote down facts that we know, and when we were done, we reflected on what we learned at what surprised us.

I hope you enjoyed this activity!