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I enjoyed this year with you all. I hope you had a great time, too. Thanks for all the memories, and have a great summer!

Let’s review! Here is what you need to know for your interim exam this week. Remember, it is 60 57 questions, all multiple choice. First and second period will take their exams on Thursday and sixth and seventh period will take their exam on Friday. We will have block schedule both days.

What to know:

Quarter 03 Syllabus

Quarter 04 Syllabus

Review Games:


Air Masses and Fronts

Weather and Hydrology

Sun-Earth-Moon System

Solar System

  1. Complete the form below or click on this link (self-assessment) to self-assess your shoe box planetarium project.
  2. Take a look at your first post this year about what it means to be a scientist and the drawing of a scientist you did on the first day of school. Write a new blog post titled: “What being a scientist means to me.” In the post, write 2-3 paragraphs about how your view of being a scientist has evolved throughout the school year. Do you see yourself as a scientist? How can every person be a scientist?
  3. Write a second blog post entitled “My experiences with online portfolios and blogging”. Reflect in 2-3 paragraphs what you think about online portfolios. What have you learned from them? Have you enjoyed blogging? How will these skills help you in the future?

Homework: Begin studying for your interim exam. 1 and 2 is on Thursday, and 6 and 7 is on Friday. Here are some study guides to help you.

Quarter 03 Syllabus

Quarter 04 Syllabus

Please join us on Wednesday morning at 8:00 am as we celebrate our accomplishments this year. We will also be displaying our constellation myth projects as well as work completed in Mrs. Garrison’s class. Students were given invitations today, so please let us know if you can come and what you will bring. We can’t wait to see you so we can show you all the awesome things we have been doing!

Also, don’t forget to complete your shoe box over the weekend if you did not turn it in today.

First period finished graphing their biome data. We will continue working on this unit tomorrow and see what can live in each of the our four biomes.

In second, sixth and seventh periods we continue to work on our shoe box planetarium. If you still do not have a shoe box, please get one by tomorrow. You can’t count on someone else bring in a box you can use. We should be wrapping up this project on Thursday, so please have your box so you can complete it.

Tomorrow, second and seventh periods will be going to the computer lab to work on their research for the project. Due to the change in schedule for round up tomorrow, we will not be able to go to the lab with sixth period. If you are in sixth period and need to do additional research, make plans to work on it during homeroom.

Homework: None – unless you have missing work!

In second period we began constructing our planetarium out of our shoe boxes. If you did not bring in a shoe box, it is very important that you have one tomorrow.

In sixth and seventh period, we continue to do our research while in the computer lab. We will start constructing our boxes in class tomorrow.

All classes will have one last chance to visit the computer lab for research on Thursday.

Homework: Make sure you have a shoe box tomorrow!

Spinoffs Track:

In our groups, we made posters about the top three spinoffs we researched yesterday. We will share them with each other and the rest of the class tomorrow.

Test Retake Track:

We finished our review notes, talked about the make up of the retake test, and played part of a review game. Make sure your study for the retake, which will be given in class on Friday. The test will look very similar in composition compared to the original test.

Homework for all: Bring in a shoe box. Remember, if you have extras, we can use them.

NASA Spinoff Track:

  1. Warm Up – Page 210: Copy EQ and answer.
  2. Discussed spinoff technologies.
  3. Researched and took notes in our groups of specific NASA spinoffs.

Homework: Bring in a shoe box

Test Retake Track:

  1. Warm Up – Page 210: Copy EQ and answer.
  2. Reteaching of sun-earth-moon system information.

Homework: Bring in a shoe box and continue to study for test retake. More information tomorrow

All classes have a test tomorrow. First period, be sure to study what we talked about in class. All other classes, here is a link to the answers to your study guide.

First period test is 33 multiple choice and 2 short answer.

All other classes, test is as follows:

•5 multiple choice (history of astronomy)

•5 true/false (day, night, and seasons)

•5 fill in the blank (seasons, day, years, eclipses)

•5 short answer (seasons, days, and astro history)

•5 matching (moon phases)

•5 diagrams –Label moon phases –Draw solar eclipse –Draw lunar eclipse –Draw seasons

•5 Bonus Questions