Today we continued our review for our benchmarks tomorrow (1st and 4th periods) and Wednesday (6th & 7th periods). We also had a chance to work on missing Pluto projects and formation essays.

As you study, be sure to check out the second semester syllabus.

Also, you can use these slideshows to help you study. Do not forget to study air masses and fronts. These were covered on our epic front project. You can go over the notes here.

Make Up Assignments:

—Pluto Project
—Test Grade
—80% Credit
—5 Facts about Each Planet – (40)
—3 Facts about Pluto
—2 sentences  on why Pluto is not a planet
—Small Project Grade
—80% Credit
—Write two paragraphs about how the universe formed OR two paragraphs about how the solar system formed
  1. Warm Up – Page 156: 1. What are the four ingredients that are needed to form hurricanes? 2. When do most tornadoes form?
  2. Passed back and discussed fronts quiz. Remember, if you are not happy with your grade, you will have an opportunity to retake the quiz after tomorrow’s interim.
  3. Finished storms and climate notes.
  4. Reviewed for interim. As discussed in class, you should use your syllabus to help you study for the interim. Additionally, I found these resources from another school: study guide, study resources

Homework: Study for tomorrow’s science interim. I will also be checking last night’s homework tomorrow (reflection on page 155 for the notes on page 154)

  1. Warm Up – Study for 8 minutes.
  2. Hydrology Test
  3. Create an “Atmosphere” cover page on page 116 in your notebook.
  4. Atmosphere KWL in your notebook. Fill in the K and W.

Homework: None

  1. Warm Up – Work on saltwater chapter map.
  2. Museum Walk
  3. Four Corners Review

Homework: Hydrology Test on Monday. Study pages 92-113 in your notes.


  1. Warm Up – Page 114: with your group, make up new lyrics for the convection currents song – this time describing convection currents in the ocean.
  2. Announcements: Ocean Floor Model due TOMORROW! Hydrology test Monday (study pages 92-113 in your notebook).
  3. Finished waves, currents, tides foldable on page 112. (See below)
  4. Worked on saltwater chapter map. This will be checked on Monday.

Homework: Ocean Floor Model due tomorrow! Ocean floor project


  1. Warm Up – Page 112: Copy and answer today’s warm up.
  2. Page 113 we made observations and sketches about a temperature density demo, a salinity density demo, and a waves demo.
  3. Began waves, currents, tides foldable to go on page 112. We will finish this tomorrow.

Homework: Study for Monday’s hydrology test (notebook pages 92-113); Ocean Floor Model project due Friday.

  1. Warm Up – Copy today’s date and EQ on page 110.
  2. Announcements: Ocean Floor Project due Friday. Hydrology Test on Monday.
  3. Fun Video – The Bark Side
  4. Plotting the Ocean Floor Activity. If you were absent, you can get a copy of this when you return.

Homework: Work on project; study for test.

  1. Warm Up – Page 108: Copy today’s date and EQ. Answer: What do you think  causes ocean water to have different densities?
  2. Announcements – Ocean Floor Model Due Jan 27 & Hydrology Test Jan 30.
  3. Saltwater Notes – taped on page 106. Saltwater notes. We then set up our chapter map for the saltwater notes on page 107. We only did the title and subtitles.
  4. Properties of the ocean floor notes/demo. See Mrs. Wilson if you need these notes.


Homework: Ocean Floor Model due Jan 27 Ocean floor project; Hydrology Test Jan 30