Longhorn Space Stampede

Your current rotations continue through Thursday. If you are absent, see your assigned rotation teacher for information on how to catch up.

1st and 4th: Mr. Carley

6th and 7th: Mrs. Teston

Also, I am hearing great things from Mr. Carley and Mrs. Teston! Keep up the great work, and I hope you are having FUN!

Today we started our second rotation of our space camp activities. First and fourth periods went to Mr. Carley to work on Mars Exploration Rovers EDL, and sixth and seventh periods went to Mrs. Teston for the Great Solar System Rescue. We will continue these activities through Thursday. Our final rotation starts Friday. I hope you’re having fun. (Maybe you can stop by and tell me what you’re learning.)

What a fun time we had yesterday launching our rockets! We are working on putting together a video of all the rocket launches. While you’re waiting, here are a couple of photos, and a sneak peek at a launch. Thanks for doing such a great job with this project!


Yesterday we started our Longhorn Space Stampede! Your first rotation is with me doing the Let’s Rocket to Mars activity. We are creating bottle rockets out of 2-liter bottles to launch on Thursday. We will finish making our rockets tomorrow, and we will launch on Thursday.