County Testing

Today we continued our review for our benchmarks tomorrow (1st and 4th periods) and Wednesday (6th & 7th periods). We also had a chance to work on missing Pluto projects and formation essays.

As you study, be sure to check out the second semester syllabus.

Also, you can use these slideshows to help you study. Do not forget to study air masses and fronts. These were covered on our epic front project. You can go over the notes here.

Make Up Assignments:

—Pluto Project
—Test Grade
—80% Credit
—5 Facts about Each Planet – (40)
—3 Facts about Pluto
—2 sentences  on why Pluto is not a planet
—Small Project Grade
—80% Credit
—Write two paragraphs about how the universe formed OR two paragraphs about how the solar system formed

Today, we took our interim. Then, some of you took advantage of the fronts quiz retake. On Tuesday, we will start my favorite: SPACE!

Here’s a preview of what’s in store for you! :)


  1. We started class by finding our new teams. Team Lenticular, Team Noctilucent, Team Nacreous, and Team Radiatus. Remember, these are all a type of something. Your first challenge is to find out what it is a type of and to find out more about your particular type.
  2. Sharing time – we shared a little bit about our breaks and met our new students.
  3. Science Fair projects – we discussed these and went over the report template. You can find it in the previous post. Remember, we will work on these in class tomorrow and Friday, so be sure to bring your materials for your display board and report. (You shouldn’t work on your experiment while you are here.)
  4. Discussed Post-Test 1. We looked at our class statistics from the post-test, and I then passed out individual scores.
  5. Pre-Test 2 – We took our pre-test for second semester.
  6. Dive into the Syllabus. We used text codes to read through our syllabus (K=I already know this; *=I’m excited to learn about this; ?=I’m not sure what this is; and !=I’ve heard about this before). Then, we got a sheet protector and taped the syllabus to page 90.
Homework: Science Fair projects due on Monday. You will turn in your display board, report, and logbook. Remember, if you are working with a partner, you only need one display board and one report.

I hope you all have an amazing winter break and a stellar holiday season. I want to thank you all for a fabulous first semester. It’s been fun, and next semester will be even better!

Also, I am so proud of how you did on your exam scores! You totally rocked that test and our overall average for every class combined was a 90%! Thanks for meeting my challenge!

Remember, your science fair projects are due on January 9th. Make sure you don’t forget about these over the break. Also, look for updated information throughout the break. If you have any questions, you can always email me. :)

  1. Soil Quiz
  2. Review Folder
Homework: Study for your exams! Your review folder is due when you walk in the door on your exam day. It is a quiz grade. The “secret” assignment is due tomorrow at 9:30 am.
  1. Warm Up – page 80: How does water deposit sediment?
  2. WED Chant.
  3. Erosion Notes part 2.
  4. Weathering, Erosion, Deposition reflection activity on page 81.
Homework: Begin studying for weathering, erosion, deposition and soil test on Friday and cumulative exam next week covering everything we have learned so far.

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Erosion Notes Part 2

•Glaciers: a flowing mass of ice and snow
–Plucking – glacier moves over rocks, and picks them up
–Abrasion – rocks in glacier scratch bedrock
–Deposition: tills, moraines
–Deflation – picks up sediment and moves it
–Deposition: when the winds stops or slows down; forms sand dunes and loess deposits
•Waves: carry small rocks and sand into the ocean from the beach

Deposition: sandbars and beaches

  1. Warm Up: Draw what the Earth looks like on the inside.
  2. Discussed test results.
  3. Discussed interim results.
  4. Introduced Earth’s structure and menu activities.
Homework: Blog Challenge #5 due on Monday.
  1. Warm Up – Review
  2. Interim Exam
  3. After Test Activities:
1.Complete Index Card Reflection and turn in
          1.What is your favorite part of this class?
          2.What is your least favorite part of class?
          3.What can Mrs. Wilson do to help you learn better?
2.Update your Table of Contents using example attached.
3.Complete a first nine weeks reflection on page 41.
          1.How were you successful?
          2.What will you do differently second nine weeks?
          3.What are you most proud of in science so far?
          4.Anything else you’d like to share.
          5.Decorate and make it colorful.
Homework: Complete Student Blogging Challenge #4. Do activity 1 or 2 AND one from 3-7.
  1. Warm Up – Page 40: What do you need to review to be prepared for tomorrow’s science interim?
  2. Jigsaw Review. We divided into groups and each group became an expert on part of the review. Then, we broke into new groups and shared information so everyone had their entire review complete. Here is a copy of the completed Jigsaw Review.
Homework: Study for the interim and complete science fair hypothesis/five sources for tomorrow.

Today, we met with sixth and seventh periods to take our pre-test. Now that I’ve had a chance to start looking at the results, I can tell we are going to have a fantastic year! I am so impressed with what you already know!

Here are more specifics on what we did today:

  1. Took our pre-test.
  2. Completed our 20 Things about Me sheet.
  3. Discussed classroom expectations.
  4. Got new science names as we got to know each other even more!
No homework