1. Warm Up – Page 182: Summarize what we did in class yesterday in one sentence.
  2. Week 4, Challenge 2: Aldabaran (orange-red supergiant star in Taurus).
  3. Completed our data organizer.
  4. Complete our support/refute organizer
  5. Assigned summary activity due Monday, April 30.

Summary Activity:

Write an essay addressing one of the prompts below. Your essay will be scored using the rubric in your agenda. It should be at least 4-5 paragraphs long.

  • M: Describe the formation of the solar system.
  • I: We’ve been contacted by a society on the other side of the galaxy. They want to know how the universe formed. Write a letter to them explaining what we know.
  • U: Compare and contrast the formation of the solar system with the formation of the universe.
  • S: How is the formation of the solar system like a . . .? Create a metaphor and support it.

Helpful links for additional research:

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