Yesterday and today we looked at clues to help us to determine where we are in the galaxy and where our galaxy is situated among our neighbors.

Sky Watch Challenge Week 4, Level 3:

Homework: How did we get here? essay due Monday, April 30

Optional Where are we? blog post:

Write a lost aliens guide to the universe post on your blog to help lost aliens like Bob find their way home. It should include:

  • A description of our solar system:                            10 points
  • Our place in the solar system:                                    10 points
  • A description of the types of galaxies:                    10 points
  • Detailed information about the Milky Way           10 points
  • Our location in the Milky Way                                     10 points
  • Our galaxy’s location in the universe                       10 points
  • Correct grammar usage                                                 10 points
  • Creativity in writing                                                         10 points
  • Two images                                                                        10 points
  • References for images                                                  10 points

Completing this assignment will add points to your lowest test grade. It is extra credit.

CRCT Testing starts on Monday! Rest well and eat well! :)

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