Today I am heading to space camp for Advanced Space Academy for Educators. I hope to share the amazing experiences I have there with you! I’ll blog here, but I’ll also tweet (a lot!) with loads of photos on my twitter account. You can follow my tweets without signing up for an account.

I know I’ll be participating in some exciting things like a high ropes course, under water astronaut training (with SCUBA), and a trip to Kennedy Space Center in FL for a rocketry workshop and a tour.

I hope you are all enjoying summer! If you have a chance, leave a comment and let me know what fun and exciting things you have been up to!

2 Responses to Mrs. Wilson heads to space camp (again)!

  • Dooptheking says:

    That’s really cool, Mrs. Wilson! I went to Savannah for the first week of summer. I saw a lot of cool things there! On Memorial day, we drove up to SC, and went to this place called Patriots Point. There we went on an amazing aircraft carrier, that retrieved the Apollo 8! It also had a Battleship we went on!
    Have a good time,
    Brendan, nearly 7th grader

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