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when I was in middle school

I grew up in the west coast of Florida near Tampa. I grew up loving science – especially the space sciences. I am sure this was helped by the fact that we could see shuttle launches (well the trail of the shuttle) from over 200 miles away.

I went to college in West Palm Beach, FL at Palm Beach Atlantic University. I soon met my husband, and we were married. He was named after Neil Armstrong, the first man to step on the moon. He’s also from England, so we have had the opportunity to visit England a few times.

We moved to Georgia in December of 2005, and I started teaching at Lanier Middle School in August of 2006. I have had such a great time teaching science at Lanier over the past few years.

Besides teaching, I also am one of the yearbook advisors (with Miss Jones) and also am the science fair coordinator.

this summer up close with a spent SRB

I also still love the space sciences and everything to do with NASA. In February of 2010, I had the opportunity to go the Johnson Space Center in Houston to visit both the Shuttle and the International Space Station Mission Control Centers – during the mission of STS-130 (Endeavour).  This was an incredible experience.

Then, in May of 2010, I had the privilege to attend the launch of STS-132 (Atlantis) from Kennedy Space Center in Florida. I was part of a group of 150 people chosen to watch the launch as part of a NASA Tweetup. It was a two-day event where we met astronauts, toured the facilities, and watched the launch of the Space Shuttle from the press site. If you have ever seen picture of the count down clock, that is how close I was to watch the launch – just a little over three miles from the launch pad.

This summer, I also had the amazing opportunity to attend Space Academy for Educators in Huntsville, AL through a scholarship provided by Honeywell. I had so much fun, and I am really looking forward to incorporating a lot of the things I learned there to our classes this year! You can read an article about my trip to space academy in the Gainesville Times.  I also was privileged to be in FL for the final flight of the space shuttle – once again my favorite orbiter Atlantis – on July 8, 2011.

So, besides learning a lot about Earth Science together this year – I promise I’ll have lots of stories to tell about space and space exploration!

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