We will be working together in class to set up our web based portfolios. Last year was the first time we used web based portfolios for our science class. Students really enjoyed using the portfolios, and it gives you a voice that can be heard around the world. It is really cool to get comments on your science posts from students in other countries! I will be sending home a parent information letter with details about the program and a permission form that must be completed before we set up our portfolios.

Check out what students had to say about our blogging last year:

  • I have learned many things. I have learned about science and how to use a computer in ways I would never think of. I enjoyed blogging because we talk about what we learned thoughout the year. – D. B.
  • My experience with online portfolios was great!! I truly think that is was the most fun thing about science. The way I think of it is as a way for me to connect with my classmates and my teacher while working. I love the fact that I can ask questions with actually getting answers. – B. D.
  • I enjoyed my online portfolio and blogging. It has taught me about how science and computers are really fun when you put them together. The online portfolio is a great way to have a portfolio. It is better than having to write out everything you do and you can have a chance to reflect on what you have done. This will also help me in the future when I have to use blogs or any other type of computer communication. – J. R.
  • I like online blogging. I thing it is a fun way to communicate in a community. I think it is a way to understand things from a different person’s view. I also think that when people blog about what they think that we should take it into consideration,  because what people have to say is important. I think it is a way for other people to see different ways of seeing a situation other than your way. I have learned how to view certain things differently. I truly like and enjoy them for what they are. – B. F.

As part of our portfolios, you will need to have the following internet related accounts. Please make sure you sign up for these with your parents so they know your username and password and can access your account at any time.

  • An email account you can access at school. If you do not have one, I suggest a Gmail account
  • Blog Site on Earth Science with Mrs. Wilson (we will set this up together in class)
  • Diigo account (we will set this up together in class)
  • Edmodo account (we will set this up together in class)

Additionally, you will have the option to use many other web tools to complete your projects. You can find links to these sources on the Resources-Web Tools link above. As the year progresses, we may also work on learning new online tools as a class. As you know, the internet changes and new cool apps are added all the time. We’ll try to stay on the cutting edge as we work on our portfolios. If you find a cool new web tool that we haven’t used in class yet, feel free to pass it on so I can check it out!

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