1. Warm Up – Copy today’s date and EQ on page 182. How did the solar system form? How did the universe form?
  2. Stellar evolution card sorting to determine the life cycle of stars.
  3. Began looking at data set for the formation of the universe and solar system.

Homework: None

  1. Warm Up – Page 180: Copy today’s date and EQ.
  2. Announcements: remember, Pluto project is due Monday. If you come in early for tutoring or to retake a test, please make sure you get a pass signed by me.
  3. Spring Sky Watch Challenge Week 3, Level 3: Participate in the Globe at Night project.
  4. Discussed and read about quiet.
  5. Began first part of Reading for Meaning lesson about comets, asteroids, and meteors.

Homework: Pluto project is due on Monday; it is a test grade (summative assessment)

  1. Warm Up – Page 178 & 179. Copy the chart provided in your notebook twice. One on each page.
  2. Announcements – take your science fair projects home. If you do not want to keep your board, please take it to the recycle bin.
  3. Space History – April 12, 1961: Yuri Gagarin, first man in space. April 12, 1981: first launch of the space shuttle, STS-1, Columbia.
  4. Planet exploration musical chairs.

Homework: Pluto project due on Monday.

  1. Warm Up – Page 176: Copy today’s date and EQ. Write one fact about each of the planets.
  2. Spring Sky Watch Challenge Week 3, Level 2: Leo the Lion
  3. Concept Attainment lesson to answer the EQ.

Homework: Continue to work on your Pluto article.

  1. Warm Up – Page 174: Do you think Pluto should be a Planet? Why or why not?
  2. Completed our Pluto notes/discussion.
  3. Pluto synthesizing activity passed out and discussed.

Homework: Pluto article due Monday, April 16. Here are the directions and the information handout.

  1. Warm Up – Page 174: Copy today’s date and EQ. Then, write three sentences telling me what you know about the debate surrounding Pluto.
  2. Sky Watch Challenge Week 3,  Level 1: Gemini. Find Procyon and look up. More info here.
  3. Pass backed and discussed Test 3. Reteach is Wednesday morning and Retest is Monday, April 16. If you cannot make these times, please talk to me by Wednesday.
  4. Pluto: What’s the big deal? compare/contrast lesson started – planet info
  1. Warm Up – Study until the time runs.
  2. Sky Watch Challenge. See the Challenge Page for more information.
  3. Test

Homework: None – Enjoy spring break!

  1. Warm Up – Page 172: What would you like to review for tomorrow’s test?
  2. Spring Sky Watch Challenge Week 2 Level 2: Orion Nebula (see slide show for more info).
  3. Test information
  4. Review information

Homework: study for tomorrow’s test

  1. Warm Up – Copy today’s EQ on page 170.
  2. Completed our moon phases notes.
  3. Moon facts notes.
  4. Eclipses notes.

Homework: Study for your test on Thursday over History of Exploration and the Sun-Earth-Moon system.

  1. Warm Up – Page 168: How can we figure out why we see moon phases?
  2. Week 1, Level 3 Sky Watch Challenge Object: Pleiades. You can find out more about the Sky Watch Challenge on the information page.
  3. Moon Phases Investigation with Lunar Landing Video. If you missed this in class today, you need to make arrangements to meet with Mrs. Wilson to make up the investigation.
Here is a moon phase simulator in case you had trouble visualizing what we saw in class today. On Monday, we will label our moon phases and talk about eclipses.

Homework: None