Daily Posts

Here are links to some of our recent presentation topics. Sampling Techniques Exothermic/Endothermic Reactions and Reaction Rates Homework: Your PR2 test corrections are due on Monday, and your revision resources […]

Here are the electron configuration presentations presented in class last week and this week. Also, make sure you review how to prepare a standard solution for the practical on Tuesday. […]

We finished up our notes on water transport focusing on the difference between active and passive transport. We also did a quick review of the material to check our understanding. […]

We continued working through our water transport notes discussing xylem, phloem, and the process of osmosis. Homework: Practical write up due Thursday; PR2 revision resource due Friday

LO: Explain Darwin’s theory of natural selection and the emergence of resistant organisms. Key Words: Ancestor Antibiotic Competition Genetic variation Natural selection Resistant What we did today: Starter: wrapped up […]

LO: Identify the species that oxidized and the one reduced in a redox reaction. Starter: Reworked page 38 question #4. Worked problems 13 on page 39. Basics of redox reactions and […]