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May 11

Lanier STEM Maker Fest #edBlogaDay

Our STEM Maker Fest is on Saturday. This weekend, one of my students made this video to encourage students from our feeder middle school to attend. It’s a great video. What’s really cool? She didn’t have to make this awesome video. She decided to make it of her own initiative because she really wants the …

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May 09

#ThankATeacher: Mr. Wedel #edBlogaDay

I was looking through my high school yearbook from my senior year in high school. As I read through what people had written, I found this note. It’s an interesting note for for a couple of reasons. One, I am now teaching chemistry, and I am finishing my ninth year of teaching. I guess helping …

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May 08

Feeling appreciated #edBlogaDay

Today was one of those crazy, long, whirlwind days where you barely have time to catch your breath but at the end of it you realize it was a day filled with awesomeness. for instance, I took my engineering classes outside today to launch the soda-bottle rockets we’ve been working on the past week. Some …

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May 06

Teachers ARE professionals #edBlogaDay

Wouldn’t it be nice if teachers were treated like the professionals we really are? I have a unique set of skills and experiences that I believe sets me apart from other educators. I have an excellent rapport with students (at least I like to think I do), I am consistently working to revise and improve …

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May 05

#TeachingIs #edBlogaDay

Teaching is Inquiry and discovery. Excitement and frustration. Collaboration and chatter. Learning that is loud, and messy, and fun. Impacting the future every day. Developing relationships and leaving impressions. Laughter. Creating and connecting. Problem solving and making. An investment of time. Memory making. Important and vital. Love.    

May 04

Sketchnotes experiment: Day 2 #edBlogaDay

Today we really dived into our gas laws unit. I started today’s lesson by reviewing some basic shapes to help with drawings when using sketchnotes. Mike Rohde outlines these in TheSketchnote Handbook. Almost anything can be drawn in sketchnotes using a rectangle, circle, triangle, line, and dot. We also looked at techniques for drawing people, …

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May 03

Chasing balance: my biggest concern about teaching #edBlogaDay

I have a weakness. It is finding balance in my life. There are 14 school days left in the year, and I am using this to justify the long days at school, the weekends filled with work, and hours spent in front of my laptop. However, there is always an excuse for me; the time …

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