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Aug 28

Shall we gather at the river #C2CwithGP

It’s been seven weeks since I left on my Creeks to Coast trip with Georgia Aquarium. When the opportunity to be a part of this weeklong experience was presented, I had no idea all of the amazing things I would learn. I also had no idea how the experiences from the trip would permeate throughout …

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Jul 16

#CreekstoCoast feed

Here is a collection of tweets from the week of this adventure!  

Jul 15

Backyard Fish #C2CwithGP

Do you enjoy fishing? How about a dinner of fresh mountain trout? Trout require a special environment: cold water and swiftly moving water. If the water is too warm (much about 55 degrees F), they will become stressed. Moving water is aerated increasing the oxygen which is also vital to trout. Because of this, trout …

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Jul 13

Ancient Journey

Imagine walking through a tunnel surrounded by granite bedrock. Water drips down the sides of the rock while calcium leeched from rocks slowly deposits as stalactites. You know there is history in the rock as a feeling of the ancient washes over you. As you reach the end of the tunnel, you walk into a …

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Jul 10

What is the value of a river to you? #C2CwithGP

Imagine driving a few miles out of town to a wildlife management area. You pull up to the parking area near a trailhead and head out. In a matter of moments, you hear the sound of falling water, and you feel the stress of the day melt away. What is the value of a river …

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Jun 20

Announcing a river exploration adventure!

I’m so pleased to share that in just under a month I will be taking part in the Creeks to Coast workshop presented by Georgia Aquarium. Georgia-Pacific has generously provided funding for teachers (like me!) to take part in this week-long workshop adventure. During Creeks to Coast, we will be studying the Chattahoochee River and …

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