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Jan 28

What’s the sound of your classroom?

If you asked me the number one sound heard in my classroom, it would be such an easy thing for me to answer. LAUGHTER My class is filled with laughter because we enjoy being together, learning is so much fun, and we are always having a great time. You can get an idea of what …

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Jan 27

Measuring teacher effectiveness

How do you really measure teacher effectiveness? ¬†How do you know the true impact a teacher has? I have been thinking about this a lot lately. We have a new teacher evaluation system slated to go into effect next year. A large percentage of our evaluation will be based on student performance on standardized tests. …

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Jan 25

Student perspective

We had a test today. Afterwards, I asked students to write three words on an index card that describe me as a teacher. Here is the result.   (I think it’s funny how many put unicorn. Just goes to show the power of a class joke.) It was nice to see that every word written …

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Jan 24

Ocean Floor Models

One of our standards states that students should model the features of the ocean floor. Last year, I decided to incorporate the modeling process into a project. Basically, students are instructed to create a model of ocean floor features (continental shelf, continental slope, abyssal plain, trench, mid-ocean ridge, seamount, and volcanic island). The model must …

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Jan 22

Art notes: Science notes as art

When we interact with notes in my class, I like to make them colorful and interesting. I think part of it is because a large part of my memory is very visual. I see pictures when I recall information. I have also been trying to do more art in the past year. The most recent …

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Jan 21

Reviewing the Next Generation Science Standards

The second draft of the Next Generation Science Standards is open for review and feedback until January 29th, so you have just over a week to read and comment. if you are a science educator, scientist, engineer, or just all around science lover interested in the advancement of science education, I highly recommend you read …

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Nov 30

Just Dance!

Last weekend, I was surfing for ideas to teach weathering, erosion and deposition in new and exciting ways. I was surprised to find a bank of lessons from the San Diego Unified School District integrating science with the arts – especially dance. It got the gears in my brain turning. I have several girls in …

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