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May 03

Chasing balance: my biggest concern about teaching #edBlogaDay

I have a weakness. It is finding balance in my life. There are 14 school days left in the year, and I am using this to justify the long days at school, the weekends filled with work, and hours spent in front of my laptop. However, there is always an excuse for me; the time …

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May 02

Spring is love #edBlogaDay

I grew up in Florida. People will often joke that Florida doesn’t have seasons. Of course Florida has seasons; they just aren’t traditional: hurricane season, tourist season, strawberry season, and citrus season are just a few. Growing up in Florida, I always wondered what the big deal is about spring. When I moved to Georgia …

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May 01

Sketchnotes experiment: Day 1 #edBlogaDay

If you have been following the blog the past month, you know that I have been brainstorming a way to bring sketchnotes/doodling/art journaling to my chemistry classroom. This is a concept I would really like to incorporate next year, so I am piloting it with one of my classes for our last unit of the …

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Apr 30

Celebrating #AprilBlogADay Success! Looking forward to #edBlogaDay

When I stumbled on the #AprilBlogADay challenge 30 days ago, I thought it sounded like an awesome idea. I knew I needed motivation to become more consistently. I decided to sign up and hope I could keep with it. The first few days were the first couple of days were in the run up to …

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