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Apr 15

The Great Rock Mix Up: NSTA Edition

The room is filling up before the presentation begins

NSTA: the National Science Teachers Association holds conferences each year: three regional area conferences each fall, a large national conference in early spring, and a STEM forum in May. This year, I had the chance for the first time to attend a national convention and to present (twice!). I have previously shared my Great Rock …

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Apr 13

Data: It’s a four letter word


I love data. I love numbers. I love collecting data, analyzing it, drawing conclusion, finding new questions, and exploring all over again. I love data. Without data, science would be difficult to communicate. Data is beautiful. Numbers explain the world around us and help us make sense of our daily lives. I remember the first …

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Apr 11

Beautiful Questions


I don’t normally expect to find inspiration in the seat back pocket on an airplane, but last week while flying to Boston for the National Science Teachers Association’s national conference, I found just that.An article in Southwest/Airtran’s Spirit magazine about asking beautiful questions (“Chasing Beautiful Questions” by Warren Berger) started me thinking about just that: …

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Mar 08

Are you listening?

Image courtesy of David Castillo Dominici /

Our school district has had a strange winter. We’ve been out of school for three separate events (extreme cold, Atlanta SnowJam 2014, and Atlanta Snowpocalypse 2014) for a total of seven missed days of school. We have three make-up days built into our calendar, and the decision was made to make up the remaining four …

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Feb 14

Let’s do (real) science!


Are you bringing authentic science experiences to your students? I’ve always been a big believer in doing authentic science with students. However, I’ve come to realize that students don’t just want to do “real” science. They also want to be part of something that matters and is important. Last year, my students helped to design …

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Feb 02

Thoughts about the focus on testing in education – after taking a test

Don't forget your hearty breakfast on test day!

I took a teacher certification exam Saturday. It’s the second time I’ve taken a certification exam to add a field to my certificate in the past seven months. The great thing about the test I took today was that it was on the computer, so I was able to receive an unofficial score as soon …

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Aug 05



As teachers, we often do not get a chance to see the impact we make in our students. Sometimes, though, we are lucky enough to get a small glimpse. Today we had Open House as we welcome students to the new year. We meet families, distribute schedules, and answer questions. It’s always one of my …

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