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Apr 11

Involving students in our microgravity flight

This summer, I will be completing a microgravity experience flight with NASA’s Teaching from Space office. As my teammates and I prepare for our flight, we are involving students in as much of the process as possible. They are helping us to develop our experiment procedures and are collecting our ground based data. Another way …

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Feb 02

Remembering our failures can launch future successes

Yesterday I took time out of our normal teaching calendar to discuss something I deemed really important with my students: failure and tragedy. It was the yearly observation of the NASA Day of Remembrance. We discussed the the sacrifices made by the Apollo 1, Challenger STS-51L, and Columbia STS-107 astronauts. We had briefly discussed Apollo …

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Jan 30

When you get such good news all you are is speechless!

I got a text from my friend Krissy today  that said: [important]See you girls in Houston! NASA just called me!!!!!!!!![/important] At the beginning of the month, I applied for the NASA MicroGravity eXperience with Krissy and three other amazing educator friends from Advanced Space Academy. (Krissy and I had applied in December of 2011, but …

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Aug 25

Losing my hero: Godspeed Neil Armstrong

I lost my childhood hero today. I am sure I am one of few teenage girls who plastered her walls with posters of astronauts and star ship captains. I’ve been a science nerd and space geek for as long as I can remember. Prized gifts included commemorative plates of early space missions, Hallmark light-up talking …

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Jun 25

Advanced Space Academy for Educators Day 4: We’re a team

Saturday, June 23, 2012 On Saturday, we spent our day between the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex and Cocoa Beach. We started with the Shuttle Launch Experience. It was so much fun to experience this ride with people who had never been on it before. (I think only one other person from our group had …

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Jun 23

Advanced Space Academy for Educators Day 3: Speechless

Friday, June 22, 2012 I wasn’t ready to post last night because I really couldn’t find the words.  We had an amazing, inspiring day at Kennedy Space Center. We started at the day with a workshop at the Education Resource Center. Jeff Angermeier spoke with us about the future of NASA manned space flight. It …

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Apr 08

Brainstorming Creative Classroom Spaces for Next Year

After posting the other day on Does the space matter? I’ve had a few moments of inspiration, and I think I am already beginning to formulate a plan for next year’s classroom that will really encompass the vision I have not just for the classroom spaces but also for the attitudes of the students inside …

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