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May 24

A Goodbye Sendoff

Last week, the multimedia students (which include several of my former students), my colleagues, and students completely surprised me with this beautiful video sendoff. I asked one of my former students who does a lot with our video program if he could help me with a video. So, they also conspired to make this, the …

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May 17

Making Leaders #MakerEd

I love the Maker Movement. It affords kids opportunities to create and do amazing things. We provide them the tools and the space and allow them to be creative, to put their own spin on learning. Last year, we hosted our first Maker Fest. We held it at our school and called it the CDAT …

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Apr 27

Funding Inspiration

I received a letter in my post box yesterday from a student in my neighborhood. It made me sad. It reminded me of how difficult it is to fully fund inspiring activities for students in our school systems. The letter explained that two teams from our local middle school (not where I teach) won the …

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Apr 13

Data: It’s a four letter word

I love data. I love numbers. I love collecting data, analyzing it, drawing conclusion, finding new questions, and exploring all over again. I love data. Without data, science would be difficult to communicate. Data is beautiful. Numbers explain the world around us and help us make sense of our daily lives. I remember the first …

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Mar 08

Are you listening?

Our school district has had a strange winter. We’ve been out of school for three separate events (extreme cold, Atlanta SnowJam 2014, and Atlanta Snowpocalypse 2014) for a total of seven missed days of school. We have three make-up days built into our calendar, and the decision was made to make up the remaining four …

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Nov 27

Finding Passions

This year, I’ve been trying to ignite my students’ passions through a project based learning program I have had the privilege to start with some amazing teammates. The process of working on a project became real to me as I have been taking an online class for hand lettering I started a couple of days …

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Aug 07

First Day Jitters

First day jitters – do you get them? I’m pretty sure most if not all teachers do. The excitement and anticipation of meeting 130 plus students for the first time can be a little overwhelming. Plus, I want everything to be perfect so that my students have a fabulous first day experience. And I try …

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