Jun 13

Getting inspired at home: Creating a space themed office


One of my big projects during spring break was to get my home “office” in order. I have a  confession: I have major clutter issues. It’s pretty bad; I let myself get busy, overwhelmed, and I stop caring about how things look.

Well, I decided it was time to do something about it – and hopefully for good. My office needed a major overhaul, some decorations, and some curtains. I also decided that since I hadn’t used the “ancient”  desktop computer in ages (it hasn’t even been turned on in months), it would be safe to remove it from the area.

The main things I want to do in my office is create lesson plans and also do my arts and crafts projects. I have two sets of plastic storage drawers. One is filled with my art/scrapbook supplies, and the other one is full of yarn for my crochet projects. I also have a chest with sewing items.

So I started my tidying, then reorganizing and changing around furniture, and finally I did some decorating.

I finally feel like this is a space that I can work in and be productive in. It’s also a place I want to spend time now. I am really happy with the results, and since it’s been over two months since spring beak, I am doing well with keeping it organized.


How do you keep inspired when you are at home? Do you have a special work area? I must say, I love my new spacey work area. What do you think?


  1. Malyn

    What do I think??? I’m jealous! It looks so good.

    I do have a study-cum-craft-area but it doesn’t look very neat and organised. BUT, i love it anyway – no photos from me.

    I hope this room inspires you to sustain the good work that you do!!


    1. Janelle

      I’m glad you like it! We’re blessed to have lots of extra room in our house.

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