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Jan 23

Georgia NASA STEM Day for Educators

I had the opportunity to attend a one day conference sponsored by NASA and the Museum of Aviation in Warner Robins, GA. I attended many incredible sessions. However, one of the most inspiring things of the entire day was listening to Carl McNair share about his brother, Ron McNair, who was one of the astronauts …

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Jan 13

Failure? Or is it lacking the tools for success?

Today, in the midst of snow day #4, I decided I should tackle my snow covered driveway. I did this for a couple of reasons. One, I was convinced we would have school tomorrow, so I would need to get the car out of the garage. And two, even if we did not have school, …

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Jan 12

Say it ain’t snow!

I’m sorry; I tickle myself with my bad puns. It runs in the family (but I’m the only one who laughs at their own jokes!). So, we have snow day #4 tomorrow, and it is not looking too great for Friday based on some rumors I’ve heard. I was really stressed about missing days; I’m …

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Jan 11

Snow days aren’t as fun as I’d imagined they would be!

Today we are snow day #2. Tomorrow, we’ll have snow day #3. I grew up in Florida, so snow days are still a relative novelty to me. Since I’m still in the South (Atlanta area), we don’t get that much snow very often. In fact, this is the most snow we have in the five …

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Oct 15

Standards Based Grading: An Experiment

As I prepped for back to school in June and July, I was excited about the prospects of standards based grading – or even going as far as abolishing grading. I wanted to provide an environment where my students learn and our focus is not on the “A”. I played with my gradebook, and found …

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Aug 19

The Great Rock Mix Up: An Inquiry Approach from Day 1

I am about to wrap up the second week of school with my kids. From the first day, I reinvented my usual first two weeks of school lessons to get rid of the introductory science process skills lessons and replaced them with inquiry based lessons surrounded by the content (geology – classifying rocks by their …

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Aug 06

Open House: Looking Forward, Looking Back

Yesterday we had our open house for our new group of sixth grade students. Open house is always such an exciting time. I love meeting my new kids, but even more, I love meeting their families. It’s a great reminder to me that I teach a child who is very precious to a mom and …

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