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Feb 12

Using systems of equations to find the optimum room arrangement

I recently read Malyn’s post: Why teach simultaneous equations? The point of her post is more about discovering the purpose for teaching a specific topic and its importance in a student’s life. After I read her post, the first thing I did was Google simultaneous equations. I had a gut feeling she was talking about …

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Jan 26

Working with a Student Teacher

Since we came back from winter break at the beginning of January, I have been working with a student teacher. This week, she began taking over all of my classes and writing her own lesson plans. I am really excited to work with her, and she is doing a great job already. I hope to …

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Jan 20

Domains, Self-Hosting, and Content Management Systems

As part of the Teacher Challenge, I have received several inquiries about my blog, domain, hosting, student blogs, etc. I thought it would be a good idea to share all of this in a post in case others wondered about it as well. Domains The domain name is just the fancy description of the web …

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Jul 15

The Two Classroom Problem

First of all, I know that many of you reading this post will wish you had my two classroom problem. It’s not a huge issue – it’s more about the best use of space. Here’s some background on the problem. Last year, my school split in two. We went from having over 2,700 students to …

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Jun 16

Class Jobs for Middle Schoolers?

It’s summer, so of course I am spending my time thinking about how I can do things differently next year. I have lots of huge plans including web based portfolios and totally revamping my grading system. Not to mention lots of new lessons to write with all the fantastic strategies I learned during my gifted …

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