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Mar 13

Tracking Visitors to our Class Blog

In order to get a better idea of who is visiting our class blog, I use two tools to help me. The first is a widget in the sidebar: Revolver Maps. I really like this one because we are an Earth science class, and so watching the Earth spin in space is pretty appropriate! I …

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Mar 06

Class Blogging with Students

This post is for activity 5 of the Blogging with Students challenge. I’ll be honest. I am having a really hard time with this one.  I know I want to have students contribute to our class blog, but I really have not worked out in what capacity. When the school year started, I thought I …

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Feb 27

Engaging Parents

There are several things that I have done or am in the process of doing in order to engage parents in our class web site and student portfolio sites. Promote the class web site. In the past, I have made business cards to share. This year, I purchased 200 MiniCards from Moo. The MiniCards are …

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Feb 23

How do I engage students in commenting on the class blog?

Challenge 3 for the Student Blogging activity hosted supported by Edublogs is all about comments. While taking part in the 30 days to kick start your blog challenge, and as I continue to write here, I have realized how important comments and conversation is. However, on our class web site, students do not comment that …

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Feb 18

Blog Rules and Parent Info

Well, challenge 2 for the 30 Days to Get Your Students Blogging Teacher Blogging Challenge involves sharing information about blogging guidelines that we use with students. Although I do share guidelines verbally in class with students, I realized that I have not actually put them in writing! Since my students will be participating in the …

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Feb 15

Student Blogging Challenge Badge

I will have my students participate in the Student Blogging Challenge supported by Edublogs which starts in March. I wanted a badge to put in the sidebar of our class web site in order for students to easily find  the link to sign up (for now), and then to get to the blog challenge posts …

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Feb 14

Memoirs of my class blog

I am taking part in the next Teacher Challenge supported by Edublogs, and this one focuses on 30 days to get your students blogging. Our class blog has had many incarnations. I revamp the class site and start over every year. I like my current year’s students to feel like the blog has been created …

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