Jul 05

The dream is alive

As an educator, I think I need to inspire my students – to love science, to reach goals, to dream big. Sometimes though, our roles are reversed, and the students are the ones inspiring me.

I love space. I want to be an astronaut (always have). At the beginning of the school year last August, I shared this with my students. I was pretty specific, and I promised them I would get into space one day (even if I was 85 when it finally happens).

However, as the year progressed, I lost sight of my dream. At one point, I was speaking to my space and aeronautics club, and I said something about never being able to go to space. One of my students piped up and reminded me that I had said to them

Mark my words, I will get to space one day.

What a reminder, especially since it has been over five months since I had mentioned that in class. It helped me to realize a couple of things. Students remember things in class I would never have imagined, and don’t lose sight of your dreams no matter how crazy and extraordinary they may be. As teachers, we need to remember to not lose sight of dreams while at the same time helping our students keep sight of theirs.

This also reminds me of the “Dare Mighty Things” quote that Krissy posted about while we were at Space Academy. We need to keep the dream alive, but we also need to dare mighty things in order to make our dreams come true.

My dream is crazy and outrageous, but one day I fully plan to go to space. I may be 85 at the time, but most definitely the dream is alive!

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