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Top 12 in 2012

Since we’re over half way through January of 2013, I thought it was time to put together my Top 12 in 2012 post. When I reflect on each year, I am astounded by the amazing opportunities I have experienced. 2012 was another spectacular year.

Top 12 in 2012


I applied to help lead science staff development for my county in the spring of 2012. I was excited to find I was selected to help lead staff development for sixth grade science. This has been an amazing learning experience as well as an incredible way to write and share science lessons. In writing lessons and content for other teachers, I have grown as a teacher myself. I really hope I will be able to continue doing this through the next school year.


I attended and presented at TeachMeet Georgia 12 in January. It was my first time attending an education unconference, and I really enjoyed it. I shared information about how NASA supports educators. Yesterday was TeachMeet Georgia 2013. I did not attend in person this year, but I did follow the information through Twitter.


I had been wishing and hoping that Atlanta would have its own edCamp. Early in 2012, I connected with some other people who were ready to start the journey to develop edCamp Atlanta. I had the privilege of playing a small role on the founding team. I am excited to see our local edCamp movement grow.


In September, I was contacted by an editor with the New York Times online opinion column site Room for Debate. She asked if I would be interested in writing a piece about girls and women’s interest in STEM careers. I jumped on this opportunity, and I was very excited when I saw my piece online: Get Girls Interested While They’re Young.


In October, we hosted our second annual Moon Night at Lanier Middle School. We had many more hands on activities, it was a perfect night for moon gazing, and we had many students come out and enjoy the evening. I am hoping we can continue to expand this event every year.


I learned this summer about SpaceGrants being awarded for conducting NASA Summer of Innovation activities with middle schoolers. The cool thing was that the funds could be used on any activities until December, making it a perfect fit for school activities. I applied and received a $2,000 grant which was used for our space club and moon night activities.


One of the most fun things we have done in class so far during the 2012-2013 school year is the WED Chant dance off. The  chant was written by a colleague, and I had the idea of choreographing moves for it. I had some of my girls who dance come in and make up the moves. I then taught it to every class. We recorded each class, posted it online, and had a vote for the best dance. It was very fun!


Newton and HalleyIn October, we added two kittens to our family: Halley and Newton. Newton is named after Sir Isaac Newton and Halley is named after Edmond Halley. They have brought lots of energy and happiness to our home (especially after the sadness of saying goodbye to Kitty).







In March, I found out I was accepted to Honeywell Educators at Advanced Space Academy. I could not believe my good fortune, as it was only one year since I had originally attended. Attending Advanced Space Academy turned out to be one of the most major life changing events because of the people I met there.



On the first day of Advanced Space Academy, I climbed up a 32-foot pole and jumped off. This was such a big deal for me. I was surprised how scary it was at the time, but I knew I had to succeed. It was a great feeling to know I was triumphant!

I made it!

I made it!


At Advanced Space Academy, I was a part of Team Kennedy. I could not have asked to be with a more inspiring group. As part of Team Kennedy, I am continuously inspired to Dare Mighty Things. Even now we  continue to push each other, inspire each other, cheer each other on, and apply for new opportunities. I am blessed to be a part of Team Kennedy, and together we will do amazing things!

Amazing! (from Krissy)

Amazing! (from Krissy)


I stood under Atlantis! The orbiter I saw soar through the skies towards space in 2010 and 2011 on her last two flights is now a museum piece. As she was getting ready for her place at the new exhibit at KSC, Team Kennedy had the opportunity to see her in the OPF. We walked around her and under her. It was an incredible, emotional experience to see my favorite orbiter so closely.




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