Jul 30

Welcome back!

Today I went back to school for the first day of pre-planning. Of course, I had already had my own week of pre-pre-planning last week getting much done in my classroom. I am so glad that I spent so much time at school last week. I really feel prepared to focus on getting ready for my students now. I also struggle with organization, so spending time getting everything laid out and ready ahead of time will help me get my organization plan together.

We had our normal welcome back meetings today. One of the huge highlights for me was being referred to as the “resident astronaut” by my principal. I often see posters and articles encouraging you to “find your passion”, and I really think I have found mine through my love of both teaching and space science.

I also spent time today adding the finishing touches in my classroom. I put the last few things away and hung posters on the wall. I also personalized my desk area. As I finished up, I took a look around my two rooms, and I am so pleased with the design choices I made. The colors, created posters and purchased posters really pull my theme together. For the first time (probably ever), I feel like my classroom feels like one cohesive space. I think the pieces all tie together. The space is warm and inviting, and the theme flows, but it’s not elementary cutesy, either. I think in the past I was worried about making it look too cute, so I threw up lots of cool posters that were not ideally coordinated. I definitely think I have taken a step forward this year. I am incredibly proud of my room.

Let me take you on a little tour around my two rooms through photos. I hope you enjoy them, and perhaps you’ll walk away with some ideas of your own!

(Click on the first photo, and you can see the photos in a cool sliding carousel.)

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