Solar Systems

First Period: What are the features of the other planets?

  1. CRCT review warm up.
  2. Passed back history of astronomy foldable, and we taped it on page 170.
  3. Began outer planets foldable notes.

Homework: Complete a reflection on page 171 for your history of astronomy notes.

Third-Fifth Periods: How do scientists classify objects in a star system?

  1. CRCT review warm up.
  2. Reminder all submissions for the patch design contest are due tomorrow. Find more information and the entry form here. (This is an optional contest.)
  3. Star system object classification activity.
  4. Discussed star system object classification.

Homework: Fifth period only – Study for quiz tomorrow over the notes I gave you today. It will cover the history of astronomy and the planets. Solar System Notes


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