Mrs. Wilson’s Microgravity Adventure

Thanks to all of you, I’ll be heading to Houston in July to take part in the microgravity flight. Thank you so much for helping out with testing! The video below pulls together the photos and interviews conducted by students during testing. To follow along in the run up to and during flight week, please like my new Facebook page: Mrs. Wilson’s Microgravity Adventure and/or follow along on our blog: Learning in Zero G. I wish I could pack you all up in my suitcase and take you with me, but since I can’t, hopefully you’ll enjoy following the adventure.

Are you wondering what our collective findings were from the experiment? I had to write a lab report, similar to our science fair reports, to submit to NASA. It turns out linen and wool don’t work very well for cleaning up spills quickly. However, microfiber and cotton do a great job. Microfiber absorbed more distilled water on average than the cotton, but the cotton absorbed just a bit better than the microfiber for the simulated blood. If you had to choose which one to take with you into space, would you bring microfiber or cotton? If you’d like to read the full lab report, it’s here: Clean Up in Zero G Student 1 G Work Lab Report

I hope you’re enjoying your summer!


Absorbency Lab from Janelle Wilson on Vimeo.

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