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Student Blog Portfolios

Personal Information

  • Blogs are not searchable via Google, but anyone can access them via the class web site link or if you share the link.
  • To identify yourself, use your blog code name or your first name and last initial.
  • Please do not share personal information like your last name, home address, email address, or details about where you will be at specific times.
  • When creating an avatar or profile image, please do not use a photograph of yourself.
  • If you do post any pictures of yourself on your blog, please make sure you have your parent/guardian’s permission first.
  • If you change your display name, it should be to your first name and last initial only. No silly nicknames.


  • Write in complete sentences when you post.
  • Check your spelling. (There is a built in spell check; look for the ABC checkmark logo.)
  • Keep your information school appropriate.
  • Feel free to create pages and posts about school subjects even if you are not required to use your blog in those classes.
  • Feel free to post about things that interest you that are not part of an assigned school subject. Just make sure that what you post is school appropriate.
  • Don’t copy and paste other people’s work or articles. If you do, it’s plagiarism.
  • If you share a quote, be sure to link back to the original article and credit the author.
  • When including images on your post, make sure you use photographs you have taken or creative common licensed photos. If you use creative common licensed photos, be sure to also credit the original source with a link.


  • Please feel free to comment on the class site and the blogs of your classmates.
  • Make sure you log in to the class site before you start commenting on other blogs. Use your first name and last initial to identify yourself.
  • Be respectful and constructive in your comments.
  • Make sure your comment is at least one complete sentence using proper grammar.
  • All comments must be approved before posting.
  • Check the pending comments on your blog portfolio at least once a week so you can approve or trash comments.
  • If another student leaves you an inappropriate comment, please notify Mrs. Wilson immediately.

If you have any questions about these policies, please talk with Mrs. Wilson.

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