We are the Explorers

Shh. You don’t really have homework. If you read this, make all of your friends who didn’t check think they missed a big assignment. April Fool’s!


We are the Explorers — 28 Comments

  1. Ummmmmmmm EXCUSE ME!!!!!!!!!! I went home from dance early just to do this assignment!!!! Everyone thinks I had a lot of homework and they were mad that I went home and so was I!!!!! This tome I actually CARED about the homework tonight (not that I don’t every night)!!!!!!!!!!!! So now my mom is going to be P O’ed at me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But its ok, I forgive you. You ARE my BFF!!!!!!!!!! And best friends forgive each other!!!! Love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. i thought it was a test to see who payed attention. When my brother was in high school he took a test with 8 pages of insturctions that had three essays to go with the qestions, in the instrutions it said ” if you are reading this you can sit there writeing the ABCs until 3;00 or whatever time class was half way over and turn it in. my brother said when he got up and turned his in people got scared and went back to read the insructions 🙂

  3. hahahahaah
    ok i can’t wait to do that adam probably forgot!!!!! i call telling the news

  4. LOL that was so funny the people who sat next to me were scared they missed a 5 paged essay because the didn’t check the site. LOL

    • I said that people had a 75% test grade to build a gigantcamundo model of the solar system and a 10 paged essay!!! I’m evil that way!!! Heeheeheeheehee!!!! =)

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