How can I model the rock cycle?

  1. Monday’s warm up question.
  2. Announcements:
    1. Lego Robotics Club informational meeting is tomorrow morning at 8:30 in Mrs. Langhans room.
    2. Space and Aeronautics Club will meet in Mrs. Wilson room after school. We will dismiss early at 4:50 pm. 
    3. Rocks Test will be on Wednesday, September 5.
  3. Watched video about Neil Armstrong:
  4. Finished naming our rocks using the dichotomous key and checked our results.
  5. Began working on our modeling the rock cycle lab.

Homework: Make sure you have submitted your blog, learning style, and personality info to Mrs. Wilson via the form on Wednesday’s blog entry. Begin studying for your test on rocks.

How do we organize mixed up rocks?

  1. Friday’s warm up question and turned in warm up papers.
  2. Rocks Test: Wednesday, September 5th over rocks, the rock cycle, and the uses or rocks and minerals.
  3. Completed (or nearly completed) the Great Rock Mix Up. If you’re class did not finish identifying and checking the names of the rocks, we will do this on Monday.
Homework: Finish setting up blog, learning style survey, personality survey, and submitting results to Mrs. Wilson by Monday. Begin studying for your rock test.

How do we organize mixed up rocks? Day 3

  1. Thursday’s warm up question.
  2. Information about the Lego Robotics Club information meeting. Next Tuesday at 8:30 am in Mrs. Langhans room (1.153).
  3. Curriculum Night is on Thursday, September 6th from 6:30-8:00 pm. Curriculum night is a chance for parents to see what a middle school day is like in sixth grade. We hope to see you there!
  4. Used our rock notes and our clue charts to determine the types and subtypes of our rocks. Tomorrow, we will discover the names of our rocks.
Homework: Make sure you have completed all of the activities from yesterday’s lesson by Monday.

How do I set up my web based portfolio? How can understanding myself help me be a better learner?

  1. On page 5 in your notebook, stick the three labels Mrs. Wilson is giving you.
  2. Look at the handout about setting up your blog that Mrs. Wilson will give you. Follow the directions and start setting up your blog at Edublogs Sign Up Directions
  3. When you have completed all of the instructions on the sheet, you will now take the learning style and personality surveys.
  4. You will take the learning style quiz and record your top three results. Here is the web address:
  5. Next, you find out your personality color. You will then record your colors from highest to lowest. Here is the link to the quiz:
  6. Once you have completed everything, you will complete this form to submit your information to Mrs. Wilson: Blog Address and Personality Details

Homework: if you do not complete any of the steps above, please complete them at home or come in early to use the computers in the media center. The media center computers are available from 8:15 am – 5:00 pm Monday-Thursday. Please have all of these steps completed by Monday, August 27.

How do we organize mixed up rocks? Day 2

  1. New warm up sheet. Completed Tuesday’s question, explained why the incorrect answers were not the answer, and indicated question level.
  2. Discussed tomorrow’s class: setting up web portfolios in the computer lab.
  3. Passed back 55-word story (page 11) and warm up set week 1 (page 250).
  4. Finished checking our clues and completed our Rock Notes.
Homework: None
Announcement: Our first test is tentatively scheduled for Thursday, August 30. Make sure you start studying now. It will cover rocks, the rock cycle, and how we use rocks and minerals.

Media Center Research Strategies Day 2

We finished up with Mrs. Garrison in the media center today. She showed us how to set up and log in to our NoodleTools accounts. She also showed us how to set up note cards using NoodleTools. Remember to keep your handouts in a safe place so you can reference how to do this again later.

If you were confused about the processes, remember you can visit the media center from 8:15 am to 5:00 pm Monday-Thursday for assistance.

Tomorrow, we will be back in the classroom and will continue with our rock investigation.

No Homework.