What have I learned about the solar system and beyond?

  1. Announcements: We still need a lot of empty 2-liter soda bottles. Please bring any ones you have at home for our awesome engineering challenges after CRCT.
  2. CRCT is next week. Make sure you get lots of rest and bring #2 pencils to school.
  3. Solar System and Beyond test.
  4. Worked on CRCT review packet.

Homework: Complete CRCT review packet. It is due Monday for 3rd period, Tuesday for 4th and 5th periods, and Wednesday for 1st period. Below, you can find links to my notebook pages and links to the CRCT review packet pages.

(I’ll try to photograph and upload what I have for the other units this weekend.


Watch Lanier MS on NASA TV tomorrow!

Tomorrow, selected students from Lanier Middle School will interacting with a scientist at NASA’s ISS Mission Control. This will air on NASA tv (both on television and online) at noon EDT. If you can, please plan to watch.

I have just found out the scientist we will be working with is an Earth scientist. If you have a good question for an Earth scientist, we can pass it on to him. See the submission form here if you have a question you’d like to ask, and we’ll pass it on during the event tomorrow.



Where are we in the universe?

  1. CRCT warm up review.
  2. Passed out CRCT review packets. These are due Wednesday for 1st period, Monday for 3rd period, and Tuesday for 4th and 5th periods.
  3. Discussed nebular theory – the solar system was formed from a cloud of dust and gas called a nebula.
  4. Discovered where we are in the universe and wrote our cosmic address. For more information, the web site I was showing you today is here.


  • Last chance to vote in the patch poll
  • Study for Friday’s test. There will be a review session tomorrow morning at 8:30 in my room. The notes I gave you are your study guide.
  • Begin working on CRCT review packet.


How did the universe the form?

  1. CRCT review warm up.
  2. Discussed patch design contest voting. (See poll below)
  3. Reviewed/finished up comets, asteroids, and meteors. (see notes and PowerPoint below for more information)
  4. Passed out solar system notes and stars, galaxies, universe notes.

Homework: Study for Friday’s test of Solar System, Galaxies, and the Universe. Vote in the patch design poll.

Patch Design Poll

comets asteroids meteoroids foldable

Solar Systems

First Period: What are the features of the other planets?

  1. CRCT review warm up.
  2. Passed back history of astronomy foldable, and we taped it on page 170.
  3. Began outer planets foldable notes.

Homework: Complete a reflection on page 171 for your history of astronomy notes.

Third-Fifth Periods: How do scientists classify objects in a star system?

  1. CRCT review warm up.
  2. Reminder all submissions for the patch design contest are due tomorrow. Find more information and the entry form here. (This is an optional contest.)
  3. Star system object classification activity.
  4. Discussed star system object classification.

Homework: Fifth period only – Study for quiz tomorrow over the notes I gave you today. It will cover the history of astronomy and the planets. Solar System Notes

History of Astronomy

First Period – What are the features of the inner planets?

  1. CRCT warm up review questions.
  2. Inner planets notes/foldable.

Homework: Complete foldable questions on the back of your inner planets foldable if you did not finish in class today. Due tomorrow!

Third-Fifth Periods – How has mankind’s need to explore led to our current understanding of the solar system?

  1. CRCT warm up review questions.
  2. Completed history of exploration notes and reflections. History of Exploration organizer

Homework: none

How has mankind’s need to explore led to our current view of the solar system?

Announcement: Patches for the patch design competition are due on Friday. More info here.

First Period:

  1. CRCT review warm up questions
  2. History of astronomy notes/foldable. (I’ll upload the notes/PP tomorrow.)
  3. CRCT review folder.

Third-Fifth Periods:

  1. CRCT review warm up questions
  2. Reviewed last night’s homework.
  3. History of Exploration parts 1 and 2 with reflections.

Homework: None