Astronomy in April and Drops on a Penny Video

Astronomy in April


Join me tomorrow at noon as I work with UK Astronomy as part of Astronomy in April. 

Grab your Oreos and join us for a talk about the phases of the Moon using Oreos.

You can click here to join the event at Noon, BST on April 8th, 2021!

What you will need:
• 8 Oreo cookies per person
• A white paper plate or plain sheet of paper per person
• A spoon per person
You will also need to print out the NASA Moon phase journal found here
So that you are ready to also record your daily observations. Remember, you can record your observations even if it is cloudy. I will explain all in my talk.

If you miss the live talk, you will be able to find the replay on the U.K. Astronomy YouTube channel. 

Drops on a Penny Video

The latest Mrs Wilson Science video is here. This time, we look at a simple experiment that is great for investigating changes to the independent variable as well as observing some of the special properties of water like adhesion, cohesion, and surface tension.

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