STEM: Astronomy style for back to school

My friend Krissy at Venspired posted some great Back to School STEM Style finds. I wanted to share some of my own fun finds with you, too. These are especially for the female STEM teacher who loves space but still needs to put forth a professional image. (I am loving that galaxy style is all the rage right now!)

back to stem

  • Blue Flight Suit (jumping and jet not required). I’ll be wearing this tomorrow at open house to greet parents and students. Still need one? I hear there are great buys on Nomex flight suits on eBay.
  • Galactic Jewel top from Delia’s. I’ll admit I was a little embarrassed walking into Delia’s (where my students shop) to purchase this shirt, but I am so glad I did! Wear your science love loud and proud!
  • Galactic Top also from Delia’s. Another fun galaxy-esque shirt. I have already gotten a few compliments wearing it.
  • Galaxy Starry Print Skirt by Romwe. I found this at Amazon and loved the Magellanic Cloud print. It’s an awesome skirt. (The underskirt is a little short, and the main skirt is shear. I fixed it with a longer slip.)
  • Keep Calm and Dream On wallet by Hot Topic. I was looking for a smaller space-y wallet, and this fit the bill perfectly! Especially in my new purse.
  • Space Mod-ity dress from Modcloth. Modcloth has amazingly cool, retro clothes – and a large collection of space prints. I was so excited to see this dress 50% off today. I can’t wait to get this dress with rockets printed all over it!
  • Custom “Dream” purse from Artscow. I love this quote from Van Gogh, “For my part, I know nothing with any certainty, but the sight of the stars makes me dream.” I created the image from a Hubble photo and Photoshopped some text for what is now my favorite accessory ever!
  • Nebula shoes by me. This is my second pair of space shoes I have made for myself. I wore these during my microgravity adventure, and even got compliments from astronauts. You can make your own, and I am hoping to open an Etsy shop for orders once school gets going. Even though they are technically “tennis shoes”, I am planning to wear them to school in the name of science!

There are lots of other amazing science and space clothes out there. It’s cool that being geeky is going so mainstream! I know I’ll be adding to my collection, and I’d love to hear some of your favorites. The next thing I’d really like to add to my science teacher wardrobe is a cool lab coat.