Accepting the #AprilBlogADay Challenge!

Spring; Janelle Wilson
Spring; Janelle Wilson

As I was perusing Twitter this morning, I saw a link to an April Blog a Day Challenge. This intrigued me, and I decided to investigate a bit more. I learned it was education focused and not an April Fools’ Day joke.(You just can’t be too skeptical on April 1st!) It sounded like a great idea because I have been wanting to blog more. In fact almost every day I come home with an amazing story, but then I let other things get in the way of sharing. I am hoping this challenge will help me to get back on track!

If you are interested in joining, it’s not too late! You can sign up here and join in! Look for much more exciting posts from me in the next few days – especially since spring break is just around the corner. Happy blogging!

By Janelle

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