Can I do it?

Ever since attending my first science conference (Georgia Science Teachers Association annual conference in February of 2007), I knew I wanted to present a conference one day. Well, I think it is time. At least I hope it is – and I hope I can do it.

I recently shared some vocabulary strategies with colleagues at my school. I focused mainly on things I had found from my PLN. They thought the info was great, and I felt like they really gained something from the things I shared. However, I know from reading the tweets of those in my PLN that there is so much else out there in terms of ways to integrate technology into our classrooms.

I am considering submitting a proposal for the 2010 Georgia Science Teachers Association about integrating Web 2.0 tools into the science classroom. I would love to share ways other teachers are already using these types of tools. If you could spare a few minutes to answer my survey, I would be ever so thankful.

I will have my proposal submitted by the end of this week, so I will be sure to let you know how it all turned out. I will also update you to let you know whether or not it was accepted. Thanks again for your assistance!

By Janelle

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