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Jan 05

The Eleven Meme

I was nominated by Marsha Ratzel to participate in this meme a couple of weeks ago. So, here it goes! 11 “Random” Facts about Me: My husband is from England and has an an amazing accent still, even though he’s been in the US for almost 15 years. All of his family still lives there. Also, …

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Jun 13

Getting inspired at home: Creating a space themed office

One of my big projects during spring break was to get my home “office” in order. I have a  confession: I have major clutter issues. It’s pretty bad; I let myself get busy, overwhelmed, and I stop caring about how things look. Well, I decided it was time to do something about it – and …

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Aug 21

My Philosophy of Teaching

I was nominated for teacher of the year at my school. It’s quite an honor! So, I am currently working on my application for the next round of the process. (It’s due Tuesday.)  One of the questions is to share my philosophy of teaching. I thought I would share it here, too. ___________ I believe …

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Jan 20

Domains, Self-Hosting, and Content Management Systems

As part of the Teacher Challenge, I have received several inquiries about my blog, domain, hosting, student blogs, etc. I thought it would be a good idea to share all of this in a post in case others wondered about it as well. Domains The domain name is just the fancy description of the web …

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Jan 17

“Winter” Cleaning the About Page

I decided sprucing up my “About” page would be a good idea. Here is a screenshot of it before I tackled it today: As you can see, the old page was just a bit boring. It lacked a lot of specific information, and it was really, really short. I also don’t think it did a …

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Jan 10

Ask the Blog: What’s Stretching Forward all about?

I have decided to take part in the Teacher Challenge supported by Edublogs in order to expand my blogging. It’s a 30 day challenge, and I am hoping it will encourage me to become a more active blogger. Today’s challenge is to share information about this blog. _________________________________________________________________ 1. When did Stretching Forward begin? Stretching …

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Aug 04

Reflecting: What is this blog about?

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