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Apr 30

Celebrating #AprilBlogADay Success! Looking forward to #edBlogaDay

When I stumbled on the #AprilBlogADay challenge 30 days ago, I thought it sounded like an awesome idea. I knew I needed motivation to become more consistently. I decided to sign up and hope I could keep with it. The first few days were the first couple of days were in the run up to …

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Apr 29

We need more doors #AprilBlogADay

This is a follow up to yesterday’s post: Doors.  Look down the school hallway, and you’ll see door after door. But are the doors where we need them? Are the doors performing the correct function? Last week, we were discussing a possible move to the third floor next year. As we looked at the map …

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Apr 28

Doors #AprilBlogADay

Doors Keep us safe inside, Locked in our cocoons. Closed. Shut. Isolated. Doors Join us to the world around us, Expanding our horizons. Open. Accessible. Connected. Doors Is it time to open our classroom doors to the world around us? I’ve been thinking a lot about this the past couple of days. In tomorrow’s post, …

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Apr 27

Want to see change in your classroom? Step back and let go! #AprilBlogADay

It is interesting that today’s topic is about building a more powerful classroom by letting go as I was just having this conversation with my teammate at lunch today. We are finishing our first year as a fully PBL school. However, I teach in a program that has been PBL since the school opened five …

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Apr 26

19 Days and counting: Summer is almost here! #AprilBlogADay

19 Days! Nineteen days of school (not including weekends) s all that is left with my students this year. Nineteen days! Where did the year go? As the year winds down, students tend to get a bit restless. Can you blame them? They have worked hard all year, and what is the reward? Day after …

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Apr 25

Let’s encourage each other! Will you join me for #edBlogaDay next month? #AprilBlogADay

It’s hard to believe that #AprilBlogADay is wrapping up. After today, there are only five more days left in the month and five more posts left to write. This morning, many of us who have been part of the #AprilBlogADay community gathered to chat and reflect on the experience. As we shared, a new idea …

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Apr 24

#ILoveMySchoolBecause reasons (great ones!) #AprilBlogADay

I work at an amazing school with amazing colleagues and amazing kids. Although I am just finishing up my first year teaching here, there are many reasons why I love my school. I have the privilege of teaching kids I taught as middle school students. I cannot stress enough how awesome this is. I think …

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