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Apr 23

Is it time to stop pretending? #AprilBlogADay #MakeSchoolDifferent

Pretending is a lot like dreaming. It allows us to make the world a better place in our imagination. However, sometimes we pretend in order to cope. I think as educators we often pretend in order to help us manage a system we think we can’t change and to help us keep some “control” over …

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Apr 22

Teach on Mars (or what will education look like in 100 years) #AprilBlogADay

When I was a child, we visited Kennedy Space Center in Florida many times. One of the attractions was (and still is) the IMAX theater. One of the movies I saw there sticks with me even know. “The Boy from Mars” was the story of the first child born on Mars visiting the Earth for …

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Apr 21

Sketchnotes and doodling: Art journaling follow up #AprilBlogADay

A little over a week ago, I shared a post about art journaling in the classroom. Since then, I have made some progress in coming up with a plan to incorporate art journals into my classroom. Social media is a magical place. A few days ago, I was perusing my Twitter feed when I happened …

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Apr 20

Tornado Warning #AprilBlogADay

Two ten: Let’s go home! No – wait! Tornado warning- Find shelter and wait. An hour and some hail Later, it’s safe to head home. What a crazy day!

Apr 19

Tech in the classroom #AprilBlogADay

Technology is a part of our everyday lives, so it just seems logical that it would be a part of daily classroom life. I’m in a great position in my classroom, and I rarely have to plan ahead to use computers. My classroom connects to a computer lab that is just for the use of …

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Apr 18

Just one example of our awesome high school students #AprilBlogADay

Today I accompanied three of our high school students to the Code Quest competition at Lockheed Martin’s Marietta plant. The competition to to give students exposure to Lockheed Martin and have fun while solving some Java coding problems. The theme for the event was Superheroes, and students were encouraged to come in costume. Initially, my …

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Apr 17

TGIF: Sometimes it’s the little things #AprilBlogADay

Sometimes, it’s the little things that make a day great. Today, I decided to give my chemistry students a “pop quiz” over the material we covered in class on Wednesday. I wanted a quick formative assessment to see if they could work through slightly different heat equations then we did in class. (This was focused …

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