STEM Maker Fest Project

On Friday, we launched part one of our final project of the year: the Lanier STEM Maker Fest (project overview). In May, we will be hosting our first ever Maker Fest at our high school. It’s sure to be an exciting event as our students will be sharing maker projects and showing others how to… Continue reading STEM Maker Fest Project

Let’s do (real) science!

Are you bringing authentic science experiences to your students? I’ve always been a big believer in doing authentic science with students. However, I’ve come to realize that students don’t just want to do “real” science. They also want to be part of something that matters and is important. Last year, my students helped to design… Continue reading Let’s do (real) science!

Reinventing school

For a while now, I’ve been dreaming of learning experiences that are different than the traditional “old-school” methods. I’ve even thought about making it a goal to start my own school that doesn’t feel like normal school at ┬ásome point in the future. Basically, I love school, but the experience of school needs to change.… Continue reading Reinventing school

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Remembering our failures can launch future successes

Yesterday I took time out of our normal teaching calendar to discuss something I deemed really important with my students: failure and tragedy. It was the yearly observation of the NASA Day of Remembrance. We discussed the the sacrifices made by the Apollo 1, Challenger STS-51L, and Columbia STS-107 astronauts. We had briefly discussed Apollo… Continue reading Remembering our failures can launch future successes