Spring is love #edBlogaDay

I grew up in Florida. People will often joke that Florida doesn’t have seasons. Of course Florida has seasons; they just aren’t traditional: hurricane season, tourist season, strawberry season, and citrus season are just a few. Growing up in Florida, I always wondered what the big deal is about spring. When I moved to Georgia… Continue reading Spring is love #edBlogaDay

Imagination Games: 20 Ways to Fight Post Standardized Test Boredom

It’s standardized testing season! I am sure you and your students are so excited! (or perhaps not) No matter what your feelings, they are a requirement. Since students test in groups, there are bound to be some students who finish earlier than others. We found out this year that students cannot read when they are… Continue reading Imagination Games: 20 Ways to Fight Post Standardized Test Boredom

Finding Passions

This year, I’ve been trying to ignite my students’ passions through a project based learning program I have had the privilege to start with some amazing teammates. The process of working on a project became real to me as I have been taking an online class for hand lettering I started a couple of days… Continue reading Finding Passions

Cosmic quotes: a poster series

I have been collecting quotes that inspire me about space and the stars. Some of them also just talk about exploration and the unknown. Quotes like this help me to dream. I decided to start creating posters for these quotes. I have been sharing them on the Facebook Page for Stretching Forward. So far, I… Continue reading Cosmic quotes: a poster series

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