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Nov 30

Just Dance!

Last weekend, I was surfing for ideas to teach weathering, erosion and deposition in new and exciting ways. I was surprised to find a bank of lessons from the San Diego Unified School District integrating science with the arts – especially dance. It got the gears in my brain turning. I have several girls in …

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Jul 30

Welcome back!

Today I went back to school for the first day of pre-planning. Of course, I had already had my own week of pre-pre-planning last week getting much done in my classroom. I am so glad that I spent so much time at school last week. I really feel prepared to focus on getting ready for …

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Jul 20

Update on #edSketch

Great news! I have contacted the Art House Co-op, and we will qualify for a group discount. If 4-9 people sign up, there will be a 15% discount, and if 10 or more sign up, we will get a 20% discount. (If you’d like to see more about this project, please read the Brainstorming post.) …

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Jul 12

Brainstorming #edSketch – will you join me?

Last year I took up the challenge to complete a sketchbook as part of the Sketchbook Project 2012. I found out about it through one of the fabulous members of my PLN: Malyn Mawby. It was a fantastic endeavor, and I found nurturing my creative side helped me as an educator. I plan on participating …

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Jul 08

My “half-baked” ideas

This is in response to Krissy’s post on Half Baked Ideas. What if all students (and I!) kept an Explorer’s Journal? It’d be like a sketchbook with prompts given. Students can write, draw, collage, etc., but the big idea is looking at the world in a different way. I just need to find the right …

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Jun 13

Getting inspired at home: Creating a space themed office

One of my big projects during spring break was to get my home “office” in order. I have a  confession: I have major clutter issues. It’s pretty bad; I let myself get busy, overwhelmed, and I stop caring about how things look. Well, I decided it was time to do something about it – and …

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Jun 12

The Explorers’ Classroom – A Map Project

In April, I participated in The Map Project – one of many projects sponsored by The Art House Co-op. (I previously participated in the Sketchbook Project.) The basic idea was to create a map – of anything – it could be any size as long as it folded down to 4″x6″. Since I had already …

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