As teachers, we often do not get a chance to see the impact we make in our students. Sometimes, though, we are lucky enough to get a small glimpse. Today we had Open House as we welcome students to the new year. We meet families, distribute schedules, and answer questions. It’s always one of my… Continue reading Impact

Money to go to space!

About a month ago when school was still in session, I turned away from the demo table at the front of my room, and when I turned back, this was laying on the table. (This was during homeroom before the “official” start of the school day, by the way.) I noticed two of my girls… Continue reading Money to go to space!

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Involving students in our microgravity flight

This summer, I will be completing a microgravity experience flight with NASA’s Teaching from Space office. As my teammates and I prepare for our flight, we are involving students in as much of the process as possible. They are helping us to develop our experiment procedures and are collecting our ground based data. Another way… Continue reading Involving students in our microgravity flight

Just call me “Mom”

This year, I’ve had several students think that it is fun to call me “Mom.” It started pretty early in the school year with one student, and then it spread to several. At first it was funny, then annoying for a bit, and now I’ve realized something. Sometimes, students call you mom because they wish… Continue reading Just call me “Mom”

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Basketball lessons

This is a follow up to yesterday’s post. Today, I played in the student-faculty basketball game. I was completely overwhelmed with the support my students showed me both during the day, at the game, and afterwards. I was the only teacher with a personal cheering section and signs. I am humbled by the strength of… Continue reading Basketball lessons