I heard about the book Wonder (by RJ Palacio) a few months ago from a couple of the blogs I follow. Then recently talk of it has popped up on Twitter. I decided I should check it, so I went to Amazon and downloaded the free sample for my Kindle. Or at least that’s what… Continue reading Wonder

The Switch

There are times in summer when you’re out and are reminded of back to school. During those times, your first thought often is. “But I’m not ready to go back to school yet!” This happened to me on the fourth of July. I was at Target with my sister when I saw it – the… Continue reading The Switch

Walk a mile in my shoes

As I near back to school time, one of my ever increasing thoughts is that of shoes. Summertime is bliss. I can wear whatever shoes I wish. This summer, I’ve been enjoying wearing my Brooks Adrenaline running shoes for working out and my Converse One Star shoes for everything else. The common denominator? Comfort, tennis… Continue reading Walk a mile in my shoes

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My “half-baked” ideas

This is in response to Krissy’s post on Half Baked Ideas. What if all students (and I!) kept an Explorer’s Journal? It’d be like a sketchbook with prompts given. Students can write, draw, collage, etc., but the big idea is looking at the world in a different way. I just need to find the right… Continue reading My “half-baked” ideas