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Mar 13

Tracking Visitors to our Class Blog

In order to get a better idea of who is visiting our class blog, I use two tools to help me. The first is a widget in the sidebar: Revolver Maps. I really like this one because we are an Earth science class, and so watching the Earth spin in space is pretty appropriate! I …

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Mar 06

Class Blogging with Students

This post is for activity 5 of the Blogging with Students challenge. I’ll be honest. I am having a really hard time with this one.  I know I want to have students contribute to our class blog, but I really have not worked out in what capacity. When the school year started, I thought I …

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Mar 01

An Epiphany: Student Commenting

Last week, I wondered how I could engage students in commenting on the class blog. Today, I decided to conduct an experiment. We had spent the day in the computer lab doing a variety of activities related to air masses, fronts, weather predictions, and storms. The students seemed to enjoy the activities, but I was …

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Feb 23

How do I engage students in commenting on the class blog?

Challenge 3 for the Student Blogging activity hosted supported by Edublogs is all about comments. While taking part in the 30 days to kick start your blog challenge, and as I continue to write here, I have realized how important comments and conversation is. However, on our class web site, students do not comment that …

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Oct 21

Using Edmodo as a back channel

Today is the second time I have used Edmodo to back channel conversations while watching a video in class. Both times I have done this, I have had outstanding results. Students are excited to share their information, and I can tell they are following along with the video. Additionally, student comments after the fact show …

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Jun 22

Incorporating Web Based Portfolios

This year I was part of a small volunteer group of teachers who met monthly to discuss technology issues and ideas that work in the classroom. Towards the end of the year, we brainstormed ways to make this an ongoing effort next school year doing something we could then share with the remainder of the …

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Nov 28

Can I do it?

Ever since attending my first science conference (Georgia Science Teachers Association annual conference in February of 2007), I knew I wanted to present a conference one day. Well, I think it is time. At least I hope it is – and I hope I can do it. I recently shared some vocabulary strategies with colleagues …

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