First Day Jitters

firstdayFirst day jitters – do you get them? I’m pretty sure most if not all teachers do. The excitement and anticipation of meeting 130 plus students for the first time can be a little overwhelming. Plus, I want everything to be perfect so that my students have a fabulous first day experience. And I try to plan an exciting, hands on, problem solving activity so my students get a clear picture of what class with me is like.

But you know what? I always forget a detail and scramble to find the supply I need. And it’s okay and never turns out to be a big deal. Why is that important? I want my brand new students to see that we all have the first day jitters. I teach the sixth graders, and starting middle school is a BIG change. Some students are very anxious about navigating the hallways, changing classes, and having lockers. At the end of the day, the first day of school is just about helping us all get to know each other and settle in. Don’t sweat the details! Instead, make beautiful memories with your students – since we only have one chance to make that first impression.

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