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It has been my intention this year to fully chronicle my new adventures in project based learning (PBL) in a high school STEM program. It’s hard to believe that in a few short weeks our first semester will be over, and we will be half way through the year. It feels like we just started, and I am just now writing a post!

Last Friday we wrapped up a five-week project called Tools of Tomorrow. It was the first time we had ever tried a school wide project. The results for our students were amazing to see. It was so exciting to see our students ready to present to investors and inventors. They were all dressed up and coordinated within their groups. They set up computers and models and excitedly shared their innovations. The atmosphere kind of felt like a high tech science fair – only better. It was amazing!

Tonight, I am honored to be part of a panel to discuss STEM and project based learning with #STEMchat hosted by The Maker Mom. I hope you’ll join us on Twitter from 9-10 pm EST to hear about what PBL looks like and how it can enhance STEM programs.

Here are the other panelists who will be participating:

  • @Venspired, Krissy Venosdale is passionate educator, STEAM advocate, Space Camp alum and maker of inspirational classroom posters. Learn more about her at
  • @BetaMillerAndrew Miller, is an educational consultant with ASCD and the Buck Institute for Education as well as a regular blogger for Edutopia.
  • @SaraFHawkins, Sara Hawkins, is an attorney, robotics coach, and mom to a STEM Girl. She blogs at Saving for Someday.
  • @LaurieEDU, Laurie Kreindler, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of IT’S ABOUT TIME®. You can read her writings at Education Insider™.
  • @ItsAboutTimeEDU, IT’S ABOUT TIME®, is the leading provider of SF-backed, project-based STEM curricula and edtech for K-12 and college students across the country.
  • And @KimMoldofsky, also known as The Maker Mom and founder of #STEMchat. You can also follow at @STEMchat, which is the default account if landed in Twitter “jail.”

I look forward to chatting with you this evening!

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