Kevin: How a lab supply turned into a class “pet”

photo 1This past Wednesday, I ran into the local grocery store on my way to school to pick up a small potted plant for an erosion lab I had planned for the day. One of the stations called for the plant to be taken out of its pot so students could observe the root structure’s ability to hold onto soil and prevent erosion.

During my final class of the day, one of my students decided to name the plant Kevin. Another student asked if he could be in charge of watering Kevin. By Thursday, Kevin and a decorated sign so everyone knew his name. On Friday, Kevin was wearing a necklace and a paper Santa hat. He also had a birthday card to celebrate getting a name.

My kids love Kevin. In the short span of a couple of days, Kevin the Kalanchoe has become a member of our class. If I had known that my students would love a little potted plant this much, I would have gotten one much sooner. I hope Kevin is a member of our class for a long time to come!

photo 2

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